In early December, mother nature decided to show its force here in North Carolina and gave us snow in the triad and mountains before the winter season even actually began. EDIT2

I mean, just last week in January we were able to witness our beaches covered in white as a winter storm came barreling through delivering over 4 inches of snow on our coasts. So...welcome to North Carolina.


We were able to catch the tail-end of it at the beach as much has melted now, but needless to say, it has been a rough few weeks of temps not reaching above freezing.

And then there's today -- I'm sitting here admiring this 60 degree weather from my office window.

North Carolina has weather all across the board. We get all four seasons here: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. Within those seasons, NC likes to get a bit dramatic at times. I can't complain, however, I thoroughly enjoy it. Not many places get to enjoy all the weather varieties as we do.

Now back to that snowy day in December: With the first accumulations of fluff hitting the forest ground -- Ginger, Myself, and Caroline hit the trails.


We went to Hanging Rock State Park, a park that I oftentimes call my home as I basically grew up hiking here. The roads were mostly cleared and the trip up the mountain was a piece of cake.


We got to the parking area, and started the hike to the top using the Hanging Rock Trail (1.30M one way).

Caroline was so excited she could barely contain herself and we laughed as she practically ran the whole way.


It was amazing. You could see footprints from others that were hiking and we passed a good amount of people so we knew we weren't that crazy. The trail became slippery at times, but altogether it was relatively moderate in difficulty (the normal difficulty), but probably took us a little longer because of the conditions. It snowed just about the whole hike, and the visibility was low making it hard to see a view, but Mother Nature gave us a few moments of clearing where we were able to see the mountaintops covered in white for miles and miles.


We went to my favorite spot, and my favorite thinking place -- a rock that hangs over the mountain -- AKA Hanging Rock :).

As I walked out to the tip-top I couldn't see anything below me and immediately felt the energy of the ground below staring up. It's an eerie feeling when you can't see what's below but you know it's a long way down.


As I posed for the camera, I remembered taking the same exact picture here a few summers earlier. And I must say, I sure do love this spot.


Hanging Rock is a place where the sun shines bright and the rain pours hard. I've been here in most every weather condition that North Carolina has to offer. Hanging Rock has always been close to my home and provides an easy escape on any given day. I'm glad we were able to come here during the snow and witness a rare sight.


As for the ever-changing weather conditions in my home state, you just sort of have to roll with it.

Until next time, stay warm!



Hanging Rock State Park Website: