uwharrie national forest.

EDIT2 After hiking our little legs off lately we decided to try something different and less strenuous on our bodies. So we gave our Nissan Xterra a run for its money and headed towards Troy, NC where the UWHARRIE NATIONAL FOREST boasts with Jeeps, four-wheelers, and other off road vehicles.

Upon entering the forest in your off-road vehicle, you must first purchase a Daily Pass that costs a big fat $5. Annual and season passes are also available for if you really love doing this kind of thing. There are many ways to obtain these passes, but we just stopped at the Eldorado Outpost just off Hwy 109, a road that leads you right into the forest entrance.

We obtained a map and basically tried all the trails we could, and if we couldn't make it through we turned around and kept at it.

EDIT3EDIT4EDIT6EDIT5 I attempted getting out of the Xterra to get a few of these shots, but the hills are no joke and it was extremely hard to walk up. Another fact to note is that the dust from the dirt was so incredible, we could'n't really keep the windows rolled down at all. Maybe we are not as "hardcore" as some of the Uwharrie visitors, but we go hardcore on the trails usually by foot...so catch us there and see if you can keep up. :)

The Xterra handled the terrain so well, that in some instances I didn't think we would make it up over some of the rocks that we did. I would highly recommend this vehicle to any outdoorsy individual in a heartbeat now that I know what it can endure.

We continued tinkering around for the remainder of the afternoon and attempted to see all the trails we could, and do all that we could. Caroline enjoyed riding along as she napped, licked me, and was allowed to run out of the car for only a brief moment to explore. I think she prefers hiking, as do we, but it was definitely fun to try something new and explore more of the National Forest that inhibit our beautiful state of North Carolina.

Uwharrie also offers overnight camping in tents or cabins, so you can totally make this a weekend getaway trip if your heart desires. There are also hiking trails, and something for everyone with an outdoor itch!

EDIT1EDIT7EDIT8EDIT9EDIT10 For any and all information on Uwharrie, here's the website: https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/nfsnc/recreation/horseriding-camping/recarea/?recid=49832&actid=50.

If you have a vehicle that can make it, I suggest taking her out to Uwharrie at least once. See what you're working with, test it, and maybe be amazed at what it can really handle.

Until my next adventure, so long!