the sweetest thing.

Before I joined the office world, I was actually a bartender. Throughout the years I was in multiple locations serving up drinks and conversations as I made ends meet and paid myself through college. That's when I met this girl, Lauren. Then I met her mother, Joan, then I met her younger sister, Brittany. When you work in a restaurant and learn your frequent regulars, they become like a part of your family. So this family, was pretty much connected to me as I saw them on a weekly basis and caught up on the happenings in their lives. I've watched them all grow and become adults throughout all these years, and Brittany has always been one of the strongest women I know. These three girls have a bond that I admire because they stick together. Sticking together is the most important part of a relationship because you aren't always going to agree on the same things. But you stick together.

About 3 years ago Brittany lost a child. I remember hearing the news and crying for her pain because I could never imagine that kind of loss. I remember her mother crying, and telling me how faithful and true her boyfriend at the time, James, had been. I remember him proposing to her and them asking me to photograph their wedding. I remember them saying I do and crying some more.

EDIT10 And then I remember hearing she got pregnant again and I remember seeing this beautiful angels face the moment she was born and the emotions on the faces of all the girls as they held her for the very first time.

Beyond being a photographer, I keep a photographic memory and I remember these things. You can't watch a sitcom and get this kind of raw life. Watching this family grow and mold has been such a highlight of my own life and I want them to know how much I appreciate them for letting me observe this over the past 10+ years.

When I first met Paisley on this October Sunday, I knew she was special. She's a special girl, with a special bond of women behind her. She'll succeed in life because of that sticking together thing I mentioned above.


A family. What does it mean? It means LOVE trumps everything else. It means you carry them with you in all aspects of your life. I cry as I type this because I'm so happy for this little family and their future.

Brittany, you're an amazing friend, mother, daughter, sister, and lover. I'm honored you chose me to experience this emotion today as I go through your pictures.

Thank you. <3