the summer of couples.

It's always good to see people truly in love and it also gives my little heart a chance to have something to beat for. <3 I like to take people outside and catch the light of the sun. I also like to get on Pinterest and search for random poses to make everyone twist into and become a model for the day. Being outside has its advantages and disadvantages, however, as it is really hot this time of year, the sweat is something not easily avoided by anyone. The earlier the session the better, and yes if that means 7am...that means 7am.

The light was good on these particular days and we all had a good time. One thing to note is that I don't care what "kind" of love you have or choose to share with someone. I just want to see it, I want to capture it, and I want to put it away in a little capsule and hold it forever, because I truly love seeing two people beating the same drum of life together. I take these stories, and I share them, and I live my life with them. I swear one day I'll figure it all out, but until then I have these beautiful souls to admire and be incredibly happy for.

Happy June, and happy loving. <3 :) Enjoy the shots!

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