The easy life...

For some, all you need is clouds, water, and a glass of wine. That's the life. We work and work and work, and pay bills, and repeat. Not even thinking about tomorrow, just getting stuck into the same routine everyday. But what about vacation? Isn't there supposed to be more to life than just working? I urge everyone to find some time and enjoy life, and escape the realities that have become known to us. Some of my best photography moments have happened while being at the beach. A lot of that has to do with how relaxed and at peace I am with what is around me. The sunrises and sunsets are my favorite part. :) As the summer season has already come to a close and we welcome fall and prepare for the colder months, I am forced to reflect on the time that I was fortunately able to spend this year at the ocean. How grateful I am that these images were captured, and how beautiful a moment that is now forever held somewhere in this computers memory.

Here's to summer.

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