As the rain comes down and the flowers start popping out, I find a little bit of sunshine on a Monday afternoon and photograph a lovely family of seven. EDIT1 copy

I've known Brandi since grade school and this was my second time capturing her family in photographs. She recently had a little boy, so we wanted to incorporate him into the new session. What a cutie! He was very quiet and didn't cry, just stared into the lens with eyes of wonder and curiosity.


The girls, all four spread out between their ages were full of excitement and were ready to have their pictures taken. It was a great energy that I fed from allowing me the ability to capture some single portraits of each of them. All of them so different yet so alike in many different ways, told me what pictures/poses they wanted and I was right there laughing and running behind them like a little girl myself.


The Tulips were in full bloom, and I was able to spend some time capturing a few snaps of flowers (my favorite)!


The gardens at Tanglewood is always a nice spot that I like to bring families with children because it provides them opportunities to explore and see nature. Included in the gardens is a child area with a little library that kept the girls occupied while I took some time with the couple.


As the session wrapped up and the sun was setting beautifully behind us, I bid my farewell to Brandi and her family. As I sat back and began to edit photos I was in the middle of critiquing myself when I realized the distance in which I've came to this point. I'm getting better, and my focus is changing, the light is speaking to me in different ways, and I am getting more confidant and becoming interactive with my clients. All of these important factors takes time and patience and doesn't always come naturally to a photographer. I'm glad I can realize my weaknesses, but it's realizing your strengths that really makes an impact.