When in Seattle, what better to do than eat great food and drink lots of coffee?

It was time for our annual trip to a new city, and Seattle was on the list for the 2019 season. We took a long weekend in April, scoring a home that was conveniently located in the Historic Queen Anne District. It was close to downtown and within walking distance to great water views and places to eat.

Airbnb house:

Arriving late on a Thursday evening, we immediately found ourselves tucked into bed as the 3-hour time change was starting to wear us down. We awoke the next morning to a brightly green colored city and as we made our way to the side porch, I felt like we were in a magical garden.

In order to get to the house, you have to go down a bunch of steps - it was located on the side of a hill overlooking the bay. We were astonished by how lush green everything was, and how many flowers were out. It was Spring in Seattle, the weather was perfect, the sun was actually shining, and we were getting hungry.

The walk towards downtown took us about 30 minutes to an hour and was all downhill. The hills through downtown Seattle are like climbing mountains, so we quickly learned that walking everywhere was going to be a workout. There are many parks and places to observe the city at different perspectives giving you a big city vibe, but nature still plays a vital role here.

Stopping for doughnuts and coffee quickly became a top excitement for us, so we managed to continue this trend and found a couple of places that are of a noteworthy mention.

Top Pot Doughnuts:

General Porpoise:

Over the course of the next 4-days, we found ourselves completely immersed in food, many naps back at the house, and more walking.

Some of my favorite food places
Hand pies:
Sweet tooth fix:

Besides walking around with full bellies, we did a few of the popular tours.

Chihuly Gardens and Glass was one of my favorites:

Obviously the Space Needle was super crowded so we steered away from going up there, leaving us to enjoy the views from below.

Pike Place Market was everything I thought it would be - crowded, full of fish, and local goods. We visited Pike Place once at night, and once during a typical busy day. A very busy place with tons of things for sale: mainly fish. At the end of it all is the popular “gum wall” - we definitely took part in this tradition, leaving our slimy half chewed gum behind.

Our trip wouldn’t have been complete without a bike tour and a can full of beer watching the sunset in a hammock at Golden Gardens Park Beach:

Thanks for having us Seattle - was a blast! A fun city, with many things to do, lots to eat, and many adventures just waiting to be had. We did our best to see and do everything we could in 4 days before heading back home. If we are to ever return, the mountains will be explored next.

But for now we are back on the grind, and planning next year’s April adventure. Stay tuned!