profile to grandfather.

The day would be started early as we set the alarm for 4AM on Friday night and made our way to the pillow.

Arriving at the Profile Trail Trailhead at 7AM on a Saturday morning, we geared up and started walking.

As the sun slowly gave us the first signs of light, we started walking and we would continue walking for the next 4:37 hours.

We would walk up, and we would continue walking up for the next 6 miles.

The birds began to chirp
The woodland creatures started to rustle
And the doors to nature opened up to us as we walked deeper, higher, and further into the forest.

The sun met us that morning, but only between the trees-
Timid and shy, and of course, still hot as hell.
She played a game with us, a game of hide and seek.

This would be the clearest day we’ve ever seen on this mountain.

This would be the day that everything would line up correctly.

We were headed for the swinging bridge.
6 miles. 16 ladders. Sheer rock faces. Chutes. Cables.

If you could dream it this trail would have it.
And here we were.
Our 3rd attempt at making it to this bridge before sundown.

Somehow I just knew…
Watching the sun come up that morning
That today was the day.

Making it to the first viewpoint was a milestone. It got our adrenaline pumping and we were ready for the challenge.

Everything just felt right, our bodies, our minds, and of course - our food supply.

When I tell you that the day was perfect, I truly mean this with my whole heart.
Those that know this trail I hope will understand.

As this hike is pretty high on the strenuous level, it is more of a “technical” trail and requires much attention to details. Going up the ladders, and scaling some of the sheer rock cliffs can make those that have height issues very queasy. Some ropes and cables are put into place for the areas that are slick and steep. This route is HARD, it takes plenty of time, and most hikers regardless of skill level can expect to complete each mile, in an hour. So for 6 miles, you can expect 6 hours. It’s an out and back trail, meaning you will need a ride once you hit the bridge or you will be heading back 6 miles again, for 6 more hours. I say all of these things because I don’t want you just running out here thinking because you saw my blog that you want to do this hike as well. My warnings are here because you need to read them, you need to understand them, and you need to take them into very high consideration. Please click HERE and read the parks information page about this trail before you go. Please plan accordingly. Please be safe. And please always take care of our beautiful lands, packing out all your trash, and staying on the marked trail to preserve the habitats that surround the area.

Now that you are equipped with the information… this hike is exhilarating. It is absolutely a game changer for those who enjoy a challenge. Completing this trek has made me feel proud of myself, but I think moreover, I am just honored to have the abilities to complete a hike that many people are unable to do.

Here’s our route
Profile Trail - 3.6 miles.
Grandfather Trail - 1.9 miles.
Grandfather Extension Trail - 0.6 miles.

Total miles: 6.1

That morning we rose with the sun to the top of a mountain.
It was a walk I’ll forever love.

Thanks for reading.