off the grid.

Motivated, aggravated, pissed off, happy, sad, excited, ready, and willing. This was a day back in March. The day I made a pact. Every weekend would be filled with adventure and change, I would greet it with wide open arms, a big smile, and no one will ever stop me from doing what I want to do because I am a monster.


On this particular weekend as I wandered into Harper's Creek my cell phone lost signal, and my lungs were filled with mountain air. This little gem sits just past Black Mountain in a city called Morganton. Down a 10 mile dirt road lies a parking lot that leads to the main trail. It's a straight up climb. At some point between wanting to quit and death, the trail smooths out and it's an easy hike to campsites and the creek. Slippery when wet, and yes, need to wear water shoes. Expect to fall. Hopefully bones wont break.

More info:

The water was frigid, but Caroline jumped all four of her paws right in. We ate some tuna on crackers and peaches. Drank a beer. Swam. We goofed off and made our way back about the time dusk started to settle. There are so many things to explore here and I feel another trip is necessary in the future to fully take it all in.

This is an experience that I feel is worthy of sharing... and the quote below is something that I have recently taken to heart:

"I wanted movement and not a calm course of existence. I wanted excitement and danger and the chance to sacrifice myself for my love. I felt in myself a superabundance of energy which found no outlet in our quiet life." - Leo Tolstoy

There is something hidden and lost in the ordinary day of pecking away on this keyboard. As I mash my fingers into it and type another email, I am reminded of this waterfall at Harper's Creek. It flows down and down, thriving after every rainfall, and the natural flow and beauty of it goes unnoticed in a world full of money and trying to determine how fast you can grow in "the corporate world". How much bang can you really get for your buck? But, the water just flows. The salamanders just produce more salamanders, and they grow into young adults, and they swim and use instinct to survive in a world so complicated, and yet, so simple.

If you like to get lost, do it here. Sit down, take it in, and let your mind be free. Everything is going to be okay.

Happy June :)