mt. jefferson state park.

What's better than a four day work week? Heading to the mountains with some of your favorite people for a three day weekend. :) The drive was short and sweet, and once we made it to West Jefferson we were able to witness a little dusting of snow on the ground and some amazing mountain views from the top of the hill on Lauren Lane where our cabin was located.


We found the cabin through VRBO, and with a group of 8, the rate was great. The cabin rentals are through a company called High Mountain Cabin Rentals, found here: Beautiful places to stay, and some of the best back porch views I have ever witnessed.



We unpacked the car, hit up the local grocery store about 10 minutes away (Ingles), packed our carts with goods and grubs, and headed back for a night snuggled in with friends, wine, and good eats.

The sun began to set about 5:30, and by 6:30...the sky was lit with cotton candy clouds. With my glass of wine in hand, I made my way to the porch and enjoyed the beauty that was unfolding before me.


From there the sky became pitch black, the wind kicked in, and the 8 of us created memories, had deep belly laughs, and the rest is private history.

The next morning we proceeded to make and eat breakfast, drank coffee of course, and headed for a nice day hike about 20 minutes away: Mt. Jefferson State Park.




We started out on the Summit Trail which (0.3M), I just want to note that every trail at this mountain is pretty much strenuous. Lots of uphills and downhills. Breathing and water are key. :)

Next we just kind of looped around and did the Lost Province trail (0.75M), which connects to the Rhododendron Trail (1.1M), and then we headed for the Mountain Ridge Trail (2M), which took us to the Jefferson Overlook, and finally the beautiful Sunset Overlook.

The Mountain Ridge Trail is extremely rocky. It's all downhill, and was my first strenuous downhill hike honestly. The trail was covered with leaves, the air was full of fog, and the wind was blowing so hard that we had to stop a few times. I considered the thought that we might fly off the mountain. It was beautiful. Here's some shots.


After the hike, we were hungry, and if the menu has a grilled cheese, I usually 98% of the time will order it. So here's my grilled cheeses.

edit1 This was at Boondocks in downtown West Jefferson ( Great place! They brew beer up the street, and this was technically a BLT sandwich, but I left the T off and they put a sloppy egg on it. LOVE sloppy eggs.


And of course, any trip to the mountains must include a stop in BOONE. We ate at Our Daily Bread ( A simple grilled cheese and chips. A cute little spot downtown.

As for all the other little tiny details of our trip, that's between the 8 of us. I recommend a trip like this for everyone, and hope that I've given some good head starts for anyone trying to plan!

Thanks for reading. <3 <3