max patch.

Noted for being the most beautiful section of The Appalachian Trail, Max Patch sits at an elevation of 4,629 feet and is a grassy bald that provides 360 mountainous views of the North Carolina and Tennessee states. Max Patch is located in Spring Creek, North Carolina and from Winston Salem, it's close to a 4-hour drive -- but since we were in Asheville, it made for an easier trip.

Our first stop was to our favorite breakfast spot in Asheville, Homegrown. GO HERE! Everything is fresh, local, and the service is top notch.


EDIT4 After fueling up, we hit the road and the FIVE of us jammed to the radio the whole hour and a half. We passed by some beautiful homes and enjoyed the mountain curves. Mark and Ashley were back with us after the death hike at Grandfather Mountain ( We also had David, a good friend from New York in town.

Ready for a picnic at the top - we had Champagne, Cheetos, and other snacks and treats prepared.

Arriving to the parking lot, it was quite full and we had to park a little further down in the grass. The hike to the grassy summit is only 1.4 miles (up and down loop). There are numerous trails surrounding the area, so if interested, a whole day could be made hiking.


The snow was still present from a recent cold spurt, and I hadn't mentioned yet, this was back in March. The sun was shining bright and we were comfortably dressed - once to the top, however, that's where the wind will take you away.


Despite the wind, because it's always windy here -- the view is something that will take your breath away. You can see what feels like, forever, and the vast open lands will make you feel as free as a bird.


Setting up our area for a chill picnic, we all sat down and toasted drinks to the day ahead, to our friendship, and to everything else in between. So much can be shared between five people on a Saturday afternoon, on a mountaintop, on a sun shining day.

EDIT21EDIT22EDIT31EDIT33EDIT35 As we finished up and headed back down to the car, we knew this had been the perfect spot to spend an afternoon and enjoy the company of friends. I think this would be a great spot to come with inexperienced hikers, or people not capable of going long distances. The greatest thing about this short trail, is how practically anyone can be capable of seeing such a wonderful and spectacular view.

We headed back to Asheville later that evening and enjoyed dinner, drinks, and more laughs. An all around great trip!

Happy trails friends! <3