little lost cove cliffs.

It was Friday, approximately 6pm, and we hit the road. EDIT22

The 4 of us were ready to skip town, ready for adventure, and ready to be in the wilderness for a few days -- so we headed back to our favorite spot in Morganton, NC to the Pisgah National Forest where the Little Lost Cove Cliffs trail was about to be stomped on with our best bud Potts, Caroline, and the two of us.

The drive itself wasn't bad at all -- I got to sit with my best friend in the back seat and munch on snacks while the boys caught up on things like car parts and whatever else guys talk about?


From Winston Salem it's about a 2-hour drive. We stopped at a local store on the way -- located in a town called Jonas Ridge, NC. Friendly people, great gas prices, clean restrooms, cool shirts/hats, and some snacks as well. STOP HERE AND GET A TURKEY LEG. Here's the site:

They are into everything mountain and trail related, offering guided hikes and overnight camps as well. The owner is extremely knowledgeable and a very down to earth guy: Curt.

After devouring the most amazing leg of turkey ever, we headed out into the forest.

We arrived and parked the car at about 9pm that Friday night. Here's the map... note that you will be coming in from the right of the map on Pineola Road and you will park at the SECOND Little Lost Cove Cliffs Trail pull off.


Into the dark abyss of hiking we went. About 2 miles in the dark, wasn't bad at all, a little uphill but nothing an average hiker can't accomplish. We arrived at the top of the rock at Little Lost Cove Cliffs and set up camp for the night. The full moon began to rise as we searched for firewood and gazed up in wonder. We were the only people there. The weather was amazing. The whiskey was even better.


At 6am the next morning, the sun began to rise. Caroline and I stayed in the tent and enjoyed our z's while the boys stood atop the rock and gazed at the rising sun as the earth welcomed a new day.


The weather was amazing in this early September weekend and we were so thankful that the sky was clear, and the air was cool, but comfortable. We continued to nap the morning away before finally awakening to make breakfast and gaze at the mountain views.


I of course packed eggs, shredded cheese, bacon, and tortillas so we could make scrambled egg bowls for breakfast (it's my fav). Our camp spot was perfect as it laid under a bunch of pine trees and provided the perfect space for two tents.


Before long, we packed our things and headed down the mountain to venture on towards the next spot.


As we headed down, we were able to see the sights that we couldn't see on the way up. As we came upon the open field full of wildflowers we were able to spot a wild apple tree growing right off the trail. Upon shaking the tree and picking up the ripe fruit, we cut them open and devoured some of the sweetest, and most delicious apples I've ever had.


Now, the reasoning behind parking at the SECOND Little Lost Cove Trail-head is because there are actually TWO trails here. The second being the Harpers Creek Trail.

We made our way back down to the car, dropped off trash, and unneeded materials, and headed up on the Harpers Creek Trail.


Another few miles in and a little bit of exploring, we found an old chimney, and other assorted forest treats and insects.


We found a small waterfall, dropped bags, set up camp, and began to settle in just before dusk. I found myself lost in the forest finding more little treasures and gifts with Caroline while the boys searched and chopped wood for the evening.


They ended up gathering a great amount of firewood -- all thanks to an ax and many fallen trees.


Obviously they didn't cut the big tree pictured above, but could you imagine if they had?

Dinner time was approaching while there was a little bit of light left in the day, and the menu was looking mighty fine. CHICKEN AND CHEESE PANINI'S.


Creatively using the bottom of our cooking pot (sanitized with my handy wipes and soap), we smashed two pieces of sandwich thins together with shredded cheese, pre-cooked and frozen chicken, and butter. It really was delicious!

But did I mention I carried all the food? I will always say that the weight is worth it, because we dine hard and have hungry stomachs after a day full of hiking. He carries our tent, so it's the best I can do. :)

After dinner, the night becomes a blur in my memory as I started feeling the wine shortly after consumption. We were to have no alcohol, and no food leftover on the hike out, so we did it the way your supposed to, and we did it right. I fell asleep atop Caroline right by the fires warmth, and enjoyed a wonderful nights rest later as I drug and stumbled myself into the tent.

Breakfast was leftovers, and we mosey'd around until heading out around lunch.


Taking the scenic route home, we hit the Blue Ridge Parkway and enjoyed views of the mountains that were spectacular.


Can you guess why they call them the BLUE Ridge Mountains yet? The sky was clear and the views were perfect. We drove through the Linn Cove Viaduct and I was able to catch a view snaps there as well.


The Linn Cove Viaduct is 1,243 feet long and contains 153 segments weighing 50 tons each. It is arguably the most popular section of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the last section to be completed. Photographers seek different views in order to capture this architectural masterpiece and I can't help but to stare as it is perfectly placed on the side of a mountain.


We caught a few more views before venturing off the Parkway and heading home. It was Sunday, and the weekend was over. A shower and a good hot meal was in order.

I hope you are having some adventures of your own as September is slowly ending and we welcome October and the season of change.

Until next time, get to hiking!



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