home is where the heart is.

What does HOME mean to you? Do you love being there hanging out in your pajamas and watching your favorite show on TV? Do you love cooking in your kitchen, and taking the dog for a walk around the neighborhood? Do you love looking at all the pictures you have on the mantle, or do you even stop and recognize the little treasures that your home has? Do you have treasures? Is it just a stopping point at the end of each day, or have you truly made it a place to run to in desperate times of relaxation and warmth? As I spent this past Memorial Day weekend in my own home with my two cats, I sat back and thought about all of these things. The day-to-day grind wears me down in ways that make me not fully appreciate all that I've worked for. When we work so hard to achieve these things, yet we never stop working to fully appreciate it. So, is it worth it?

I'm a movement type of person, i.e., if I'm not moving, I'm bored and I'm getting into trouble. You can find me constantly doing SOMETHING, or I'm sleeping. Rarely do I ever sit on the couch with a bag of Cheetos and binge watch episode after episode of 90210 on Netflix. But I did it. I'm not ashamed to admit it, but I feel this huge GUILT because I did it. I could have ran 2 miles, I could have went to the gym, I could have went and spent all this money I don't have on unnecessary items for said house to make myself feel better. But no. That's what I did. I briefly caught up on social media and saw that everyone was having cookouts, attending concerts, and hanging out with friends, and here I was...hands covered in Cheeto dust, and my eyes were seriously getting teary over this heart wrenching episode of drama filled California rich kids?

I immediately grabbed my camera and shot some snaps of my surroundings.

And here's what I found:

EDIT4 A candle burning bright with the smells of cinnamon and cranberry, and over in the corner, my plant thriving with joy that I've had for over 8 years.

EDIT1 Totally digging this new Canon Macro Lens I recently gifted myself, I notice the cats on the couch giving me the look of "please come back and cuddle"...


Or is that a death stare? I peered outside where the rain had just let up from a random downfall, and I snapped this shot of my bird bath filled with fallen rose pedals.


And of course, my roses are doing just fine this year.

I'm not sure of the point of this "blog post", but I wanted to switch it up and do something different. Yes I love hiking and recording those adventures is truly something that I love, but there's more to me than that and owning my own HOME and loving my own space is a huge part of me too. So, I want to love it, and share it, and appreciate it, because I won't always have this space to flock to and have all to myself.

Maybe the point is to enjoy the present. Enjoy the now. Forget the past, don't focus completely on the future, just be here. Look around you, look around at the space you have created for yourself and take the time to learn who you are. It's right there, right there in your space...right there in your HOME. That's why it's where the heart is. <3