hanging rock.

As January is slowly slipping away, I ran to the mountain tops this past weekend. It was a very foggy and hazy Saturday Morning, and nothing was visible. Not seeing the ground, I had no fears of going to the cliff edge...where normally I would be a little shaky. Caroline wasn't scared of the edge either, and she wanted to test my emotions by running full speed to them.

It was a wonderful hike on the Cook's Wall Trail, which is close to 3 miles long. Little bit of a climb, but nothing we weren't willing to do. The weather was perfect with a little chill in the air.

I wanted to note that the pictures are from my iPhone, and not my normal camera. Hence the quality isn't exactly perfect, but I wanted to post about the year's first hike.

Here it is. January. And SO many more to come. :)

Hanging Rock State Park Info: http://www.ncparks.gov/hanging-rock-state-park