Fall Photos 2015!

As I approached the idea of doing "Fall Photos" for my photography business, I never expected that it would pull in as many clients as it did this time around. We had the PERFECT fall season this year in North Carolina. Old Salem was also the perfect location to do these, and I am ever so grateful to the new clients I gained throughout this experience. Somehow I managed to conduct ten sessions over the course of two weekends, all while working my normal job and having no real day off. Whew! It was really exhausting, but I learned so much at the same time. One of the BIGGEST lessons in all of this was realizing my ability to get "THE SHOT" in less than 5 frames. I don't need to take 100's of pictures to get a good shot, and can spend more time on different poses and capturing special moments between takes that are really the most important anyways. The kids seem to really like me, and I have found I work well with them even when having to chase them around to get them to smile. It's all about being natural with me, and those are the shots I really strive for.

I found it hard working with the fall lighting because the colors are so bright and colorful--it either makes my subjects too dark, or too bright. Working with the ISO and white balance right on my camera helped, and of course teetering with the brightness and contrast in my photo editing software. All in all, the pictures came out GREAT and I can only hope the clients feel the same. My own criticisms of the whole experience are minor and I am working towards learning as much as I can about my camera, and all of the different techniques it has. Shooting people in different light settings is a difficult task to grasp, but I have positive vibes about it all, and next time I can be better prepared.

As I have just sent off all of the photo packages in the mail, I have a better sense of what I want in my packaging for next time, so expect to see bigger and better in the world of Shari Lewis Photography. A huge thank you to everyone that helped and supported for FALL. I am looking forward to PET DAY and CHRISTMAS SESSIONS coming up soon! <3

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