Landi yelled at me once and told me to go die. She's the most fowl-mouthed woman I have ever met in my life -- and the best mother and friend that I have always been able to count on as well. People give Landi a lot of shit and she doesn't get the credit she deserves, as she is one of the people I know with the biggest hearts. She has not only been a friend to me, she has taught me a lot about myself. When I heard the news that she was preggers with an alien (it's true), I was overwhelmed with joy and even more excited to meet and take pictures of this little creature.

Landi's first born, Conner, has always been one of my favorite kids to photograph because of his golden locks of hair and big bright smile.


This time, black eye and all, we met at Old Salem in Winston Salem, NC and gave the family portrait thing a whirl.


A perfect fall day, with perfect weather, and a beautiful family full of life. I love seeing Conner grow, and now I get to witness another little bundle named River grow. As Landi teaches her and shows her the ways of the land, I wish them all the best of luck.


Landi isn't much for gushy words and love and all of that stuff, but she deserves to know how wonderful she is and that I admire her strength and friendship throughout all of these years.

Happy Fall. <3 <3 <3