eno river state park.

For Mother's Day, I took her hiking. Naturally she loves to be outdoors so we headed to Durham, NC, and set out to be adventurous on a hot Sunday morning. The Eno River runs through 2 State Parks -- Occoneechee Mountain State Natural Area and Eno River State Park. About 15-minutes apart, we made plans to see both, stopping at Occoneechee first, located in Hillsborough, NC.


We took the Chestnut Oak Trail (0.90M) which leads into the Overlook Trail (0.15M). A very easy hike into the woods and once at the end of the Overlook Trail, a nice view was seen.


Caroline was super excited to be outdoors, and we were enjoying the early morning temperatures as it was nice and cool. We found some acorns on the ground, and spent just a brief time here as we were going to do a long hike at the Eno River State Park.


Website: https://www.ncparks.gov/occoneechee-mountain-state-natural-area.

On to the next one, we headed on our way! About 7 miles up the road and we were there in an instant. The parking lot was already full, and the place was hopping. We picked our map up, and started on the Buckquarter Creek Trail (1.5M), took a left onto Holden Mill Trail (2.6M), and looped through and back around again. Both trails ran side by side to the river which was definitely flowing hard where we had recently gotten a lot of rain.

EDIT10EDIT25EDIT14 IMG_5485 As I have been to the Eno River State Park previously in the fall, I wanted to take the time to share a few of those pictures. Fall is one of my favorite times because of the darkness and the way the sun sits with the earth. It gives off a different light in which I thrive from, and, in my opinion, take my best photos.


The Eno River State Park actually sits on an old historic mill and home sites where early settlers lived and maintained a lifestyle. You can find, within some of the trails, old wooden homes, and rock structures.

IMG_5492 As we made our way through the trail on Mother's Day, we were amazed at all that had been washed up from rain. We found all kinds of treasures! From frogs, flowers, turtles, and... SNAKES. We spotted a total of 7 snakes in under one hour! And these weren't just your typical little friendly snakes, they were copperheads.


As we made our way through the trail loop and started our way back, the park was getting noticeably more crowded with people, kids, and dogs. My advice is, getting here (and really to ALL parks) as early as possible to avoid congestion and large groups of people. I took a few more shots, and we headed home.

EDIT18IMG_5484IMG_5486IMG_5490 Website: https://www.ncparks.gov/eno-river-state-park.

The Eno River was a wonderful place to explore, and in the hot summer months it would be a great place to take a swim. I would be very cautious of the snakes, however, but in my opinion, they are everywhere. Not really a place with elevated views, but a well kept park, and the rangers were really nice and informative.

Until next time, happy hiking. :)