carolina beach state park.

One of the greatest things that I enjoy and the main reason why I take pictures, is because of the memory that it captures, and how when looked at, can take you back to that exact place, time, and feeling. It's like a dream. That's what these pictures do for me. A rush feeling of bliss overwhelms as I remember this wonderful afternoon and spent night at the beach.

The month of January. Cold, yes. But also the perfect time to set up tent on the sandy hills of your favorite beach nestled in the beautiful state of North Carolina. Also known as HOME.

We rolled in to the entrance a little after noon and paid our fees. All of your information regarding Carolina Beach State Park can be found through these two links: 1. 2.

The second link, gives you access to fee/reservation information for the various months of the year. The prices do go up in the summer and on holiday's. And that is why we go in January. :)

January also calls for no other souls in eye sight, and an entire beach to yourself. Windy and cold, we set up camp, and started our fire.


Popped the bottle of wine, and began to relax as the sun slowly set behind the dunes. As the earth and everything around us was painted black, we were able to see all of the stars in the night sky. Absolutely breathtaking.

One of the things I'm learning about being a photographing lover, is that sometimes I miss things because I am behind the lens. As the sky lit up with stars, I didn't take any pictures because I wanted to literally enjoy the moment. There are things that I find fond to remember that don't require pictures and that is the lesson learned here. With that said, I'm going to be spending more time enjoying the scenes, but don't worry, I'll still have plenty of pictures to share. <3

Another NC State park crossed off the list (this one has been, and most definitely will be, revisited again).

Enjoy <3