Balloons & Hot Air!

This past weekend I attended the Carolina Balloon Festival in Statesville, NC. We caught a cool Scottish band called Albannach--you can listen to some of there music here: ALBANNACH LIVE. Some of the most moving music I have heard in a while, and it had a lot to do with the heavy drums and of course--the bagpipes. I noticed people napping on blankets in the field, kids playing in the dirt, and everyone seeming to have a pretty good time just enjoying the beautiful fall day. 4pm came and we saw the balloons starting to take off. This was probably the most incredible experience from a photographer standpoint because you were allowed to walk right down into the take off area, and get up close and personal with these giant balloons blowing insanely hot air and trying to ascend into the sky. I feel like I missed a lot of the beauty because I was of course--behind the lens, but looking back on my 700+ pictures (a lot of balloons and all happening so fast), I get to now see some pretty cool stuff.

I hope you enjoy! :)