an october wedding.


At 21 years old I was still pretty young and didn't really understand a lot about life. I still don't, but that's not the point here. I was in college, I felt like a big girl, and I had these two girls that were a little older and they kept me on my feet at all times. Through everything, I don't think I could have graduated without them by my side. EDIT111

Here we are, 10 years later, and the one in the middle said "I do" to her main squeeze a few weeks back.

As I sit and go through the pictures from the big day, I remember all the times we goofed off in the lab, or class. Such good memories boast from these two individuals and they all revolve around a time in my 20's where everything was much, much less complicated than they are now. I'm smiling, of course. Memories are a wonderful thing.

When Leslie asked me to photograph her wedding a year ago, I said yes without hesitation. I must admit, I don't really know what I'm doing half the time behind the camera, but I try my best and when I arrived on this very special day in October, the rain was just pouring down. As rain actually signifies good luck in some cultures on your wedding day, I kept my spirits up about it.

I pulled into Medaloni Cellars around 4pm, and began to view the day from my lens.


It's always hectic beforehand, but beautiful moments can come from it. Leslie likes green and medieval, and dungeons and dragons. She incorporates an Irish, Scottish theme throughout the day that I absolutely adore. From her shoes, to the rings, the hair, it was like being back in the times of the Renaissance. I really admire her for sticking to what SHE liked and not what everyone else wanted for her.

COLLAGE12COLLAGE7COLLAGE2COLLAGE1 As she walked down the isle the sirens from a nearby fire department began to sound and did so the entire walk down the isle. I laughed, and I also shed a few tears. She looked absolutely beautiful. What else could go wrong? At the end of the day, they would be married -- that train was in motion and nothing was going to stop it.

EDIT69EDIT67EDIT74EDIT70EDIT79EDIT82 The food was very traditional and southern. BBQ chopped to order with your choice of sweet or spicy sauces, Marconi and Cheese, broccoli salad, and rolls. It was simple, yet delicious.


The family grabbed a few shots together as everyone ate, and then the announced Husband and Wife entered the party building.


The decorations were still so simple, but also eloquent. The flowers were a mixed color of her green, blues, and a touch of red.


The DJ started playing, the drinks started flowing, and the couple was finally relaxed as the stress from the day had faded away.


Next came the cake and some toasts were made to honor the couple. Lot's of smiles and laughter.


We sent them off in a sparkler whirlwind as the end of the night had finally arrived. The important part of this October wedding story is: things are going to go wrong. It's just all about how you handle it and work together to get onto the next step.

These two are definitely strong enough to make it onto the next step. <3