an april wedding.

Lindley. We go back to that young crisp age of our early 20's - slaving away at the local seafood restaurant in the small town of K-Vegas, that we were so happily employed at.

She's a strong, beautiful, red headed girl with one of the best soon-to-be-bride demeanor's I have ever seen. On this lovely day in April, she was calm, cool, and collect as she prepared herself and her surroundings for the "big day".

I remember when she got her nose pierced and she said: "My Dad's gonna kill me, but I really don't care!" - She never cared about what people thought of her, or what people would say about her. She's always been confident, and straightforward. Around here, that's what we call a winner, and I'm lucky to say I know this one.

I readied myself and entered the Walnut Hall facility at Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, North Carolina on a pouring-down rain, Saturday afternoon.

It's a funny side note that every wedding I've ever photographed, it has rained. I take the "luck" of that lightly, because it's all a matter of superstition anyway. It's just rain, and sometimes it can be a good thing to get caught in it.

The reception would be held at the Walnut Hall, while the actual wedding ceremony was to be held at Mt. Pleasant Church a little bit up the road. It was amazing!


I immediately fell in love with the wooden floors, and the light coming in from the windows was absolutely perfect. This was going to be a good day.

I was able to witness Lindley as she readied herself - makeup, hair, and putting on her dress. I saw moments between her and her mother that were special in their own kind of way. Moments like that are raw, pure, and special to me - probably because I am weird, but mainly because it is an untamed emotion - better than anything in this world.

COLLAGE5COLLAGE7COLLAGE6EDIT32 Everything was kept simple, even down to the food. Lindley served what her and her groom enjoyed. A wedding isn't about pleasing everyone else - it's YOUR day. I feel that a lot of couples forget that. In Lindley's case, chicken nuggets with ranch and spicy noodles were served. Her cake was made out of donuts (because she hates cake), and she had all the wine and beer you could imagine.

COLLAGE13COLLAGE4 Baby's breath was used as decoration along the church pews, which was the perfect little touch.


Before I knew it, the time had come and here came the bride smiling and in love...


The ceremony was short and sweet, afterwards we took some family photos, and then it was off to the fun part...


I couldn't have asked for a better bride to spend the day with and I'm grateful to have been a part of this sweet, April wedding.

Cheers to many years of marriage, Lindley. I hope it brings you many ups, a few downs (because life is all about the roller coaster), lot's of laughs, and plenty of happy tears.

<3 <3 <3