a weekend getaway.

We went camping again. EDIT1

I forgot an extra battery for the camera, didn't much feel like carrying the extra 5lbs in the first place, and I really wanted to feel separate from the media world.

We left Friday after work and headed towards Morganton, NC to endure a night filled with rain and maybe a little buzz from the vodka that was filled inside my flask. Once we arrived we drove up and down Brown Mountain Beach Road in search of a good spot to set up for the night without having to do much hiking. Finding this spot tucked nicely next to the river in the sand was the best we could find, and in the dark, pouring rain, we set up shop.

Through the night we were chilly, as it was probably in the lower 40's. But we awoke to the sun shining bright and we began crawling out of the tent and saw a beaver in the river in which Caroline tried to eat. We gave her kibbles instead, and began a morning with no worries, oatmeal, and I was able to snap a few shots before the battery decided to die.

EDIT10EDIT9EDIT8EDIT7EDIT5EDIT4EDIT14EDIT15EDIT11EDIT12 It was a beautiful morning, and our friends Jon and Cora were headed our way to spend a night!

Once packed and loaded up, we made our way to the Harper's Creek Trail-head and began the hike into our favorite spot (can't tell ya where ;) ).

EDIT16EDIT17EDIT18EDIT19 It has been getting increasingly more crowded each time we make our way to Harper's Creek, and the parking lot was packed full.

Once inside the forest and in our spot, we set up, and waited for the arrival of our good friends. We made memories, swam in the freezing water, laughed, drank, ate good food, and wrote a story that the four of us will share for a lifetime.

With no camera, and nothing to track the moments, all we have is a memory. And sometimes that's all you need...even if you are a photographer. <3