a february wedding.

collage1-copy Here they are: my cousin Ryan and his beautiful bride Aileen. They've been together for as far back as I can remember, and I was honored to take some pictures of the "BIG DAY".

edit8-copy Ryan and I go back since the day I was born and he was forced to hold my little baby body in his arms. I bugged the snot out of him, and we argued about who got TO DO the dishes. Weird kids we were. To this day, we are still weird, but we share so many memories and laughs. If I could call him a brother -- I would because he's been like one.

edit7-copyAileen came in and changed his world upside down. Through the difficult times they somehow managed to carry along, and as of a few days ago...it's a lifelong commitment. I'm so proud of the two people they have become together and wish them nothing but happiness and success into the wonderful, bright, and not always perfect future.

It was completely, and absolutely, a beautiful and magical day. Enjoy! <3 <3