a day to myself.

Sometimes a little time to yourself is necessary. This was a 3 hour drive away and up from the city, and it had been a very hot July week. The second I arrived in Brevard, NC it started pouring down rain. The temperature was a brisk 71 degrees. Could it be even more perfect? Yes, please rain down on me. I pulled onto the Dupont State Park road and followed it down about 8 miles or so into a parking lot at the main "Visitor's Center". It was crowded. It was too crowded. I ventured on. I hiked and hiked and hiked, up some hills, and down some hills. I pitched my hammock in a little cutoff in the woods, and took a 30-minute nap. I hiked some more, looked at some more stuff. Walked around some more people. Boom. Simplistic day accomplished, and I got some serious thinking done.



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