about me

I'm Shari… but you may also know me as @thedeputyshariff on Instagram.

Unfortunately, I am no real deputy of the law and my nickname from childhood has followed me into my 30’s and I don’t mind. I currently work in an office which allows me ample time to come here and bust out my weekend adventures and edit pictures. I am a lover of staying busy, I've found that writing has really helped my mind to settle down and also given me the space to take my creative passions in a direction that I’m comfortable with. I never wanted to be a writer, I just want to tell a story.

In my adventures, there’s a story to be told and my aim is to provide a more in depth view of hiking and nature as I travel around and explore. I want to provide an inspiration to others so that you want to get outdoors for yourself, but I also want to give you a view of the outdoors that is most often missed. As an avid hiker I promise to be as detailed and honest as possible… Read: This blog has no limits.

In addition, prints are available for sale if you wish to have your walls filled with outdoor scenes from the view of my eyes. These will be printed on high quality paper, and would look wonderful in any room of your choice.

For any feedback or inquiries, please reach out to me via email:

I am literally everywhere and nowhere all at the same time… and there is no better place to be.


-- Shari